New Orleans Home Loan Requirements

Find out how you can obtain a home loan in New Orleans.

Purchasing a home is exciting. It is a significant accomplishment for new couples or families. Unfortunately, it can also be full of disappointments and stress. You need to be careful especially when you apply for a home loan. Make sure that you are capable of paying the monthly mortgage before filling up your loan application. In fact, this can be a nerve-racking process especially if you are not aware of the information and requirements to provide. There are possible concerns of lenders that you need to know before reaching out to credit institutions or banks in New Orleans.

Credit Report

Lenders will definitely want to know the borrower’s credit report. You can get these reports from any of the three credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax and Trans Union. Scrutinize your report since erroneous information can lead to higher interest rates. Worse, it can even cause the rejection of your mortgage application. Research indicates that more than 40% of credit reports contain inaccuracies. These inconsistencies need to be rectified right away since it can bring about more problems in the future.
Residents, who wish to get a home loan, should strive to attain a good credit status. This can be achieved by maintaining low credit balances and paying off all bills completely and promptly. Settle your unpaid bills before you apply for any mortgage to avoid the scrutiny of lenders. Likewise, the total amount of your credit accounts can spell the difference in mortgage applications. Refrain from closing existing accounts and submitting an application for new ones because this will cause wariness on the part of lending firms.


New Orleans banks also put premium consideration on the capability of borrowers to make down payments. Loan applicants, who have the capacity to pay forthright, can low forward to quick approval and lower interests. Consumers with credit below 100% will have to depend on the amount of their down payments for the approval or disapproval of their home mortgage loans.

Borrower Income

The next factor that lenders usually look into is the income of the borrower. It pays to have stable compensation when you want to make any loan. The key is to avoid resigning from your present employment or keep on changing jobs prior to submitting your application.

Other Considerations

Lending facilities do not approve or deny a home loan based on interest charges but these are part of the criteria in determining monthly payments. However, the rates can change while your application is undergoing evaluation and processing. Borrowers may opt for a lock-in if interest rates keep on changing. This will ensure that you secure a more advantageous rate. All borrowers must make it a point to have their personal finances ready for closing costs and other requirements.

It is essential to figure out right from the start the amount of New Orleans home loans that you can afford. This is to avoid the possibility of foreclosures when you cannot cope up with your monthly installments. You have to be familiar with the concepts of down payment percentages, front-end and back-end ratios to help you plan ahead on your payments.